Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just bought my NEW QUEEN-size MATTRESS from today and I'm Loving It!!!

My girlfriend and I have been sleeping together on a single-size mattress for 6 months and it created numerous backaches for the both of us! Our sleeping posture were compromised as we need to create space for each other to sleep. Fortunately for us, one of the springs in the mattress popped and was poking me.


But... ...isn't getting a NEW BIGGER MATTRESS costly?!?!

We knew that if we get mattress at stores it would be costly. Our needs are simple, Value-for-Money and a good Quality mattress. My girlfriend googled "mattress for sale", and what appeared in the highlighted box was , stating that they are an online bed and mattress store providing Free delivery anywhere in Singapore! We click on their link and was shocked that the prices on their website were very reasonable! We had our doubts but they had customer's reviews on every product on sale in the website. To answer some of my queries that are not in their FAQs, there is an online chat box that I could ask the agent and get an answer within a couple of minutes!!!

We decided to purchase Wasaly Luxury Queen-size mattress at ONLY $150 nett with an Anti Dust mite Mattress Protector at $19 nett too!!! You are not staring at the wrong figures, we indeed purchase a Queen-size mattress and protector at ONLY $169 nett with FREE delivery and disposal of our old mattress!!!
We needed the mattress urgently but the soonest available date was taken up so I checked with "Cherry", their online agent and she advised me to type in their remarks column my preferred date of delivery. After I completed my order online, I informed Cherry and she said she will inform their processing department and they would return my call as soon as possible. I got a callback from their processing department about an hour later informing me that they were able to deliver my order the same day but after 3pm. I was very impressed with their efficiency and I thanked them a lot! I placed my order online only at 1pm and I received it at 4pm. With this delivery-efficiency and above average customer service, I never expected an online store could be able to provide that!
We checked the product delivered and they are in new perfect condition! If our delivery was not satisfactory, we could reject or ask for a replacement of the same or different product. This is the necessity for an online store as we, as consumers, need an ease-of-mind shopping experience!
My girlfriend and I love the mattress, its very comfortable and a definite GREAT Value-for-Money!!! Thank you, you had help us save money & time in these difficult economy times!!!
**Please check with their agent if your product is available before requesting for a urgent delivery date. I was very fortunate to have my mattress available at the time of order. I am sure that their agent would try their best to meet their customers' needs. I wish you a pleasant shopping experience with, it's a website I would strongly recommend my friends and families!!!

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  1. Fortunately for us, one of the springs in the mattress popped and was poking me.